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Mark Young on 20 Jul : 09:13
Hey Gents!
We have a fellow pilot in need and if anyone has a CH Products yoke (Model 200-615) that they are not using and wouldn't mind donating it or knows where we can find one really cheap. Please let me know. Thanks!

CEO George Lehning on 13 Jul : 17:40
The 767-300 are now in the download section. There are 2 767s in the download. With or without winglets.

Richard Smith on 10 Jul : 14:32
Check out the new EAL AI, it's great!

Joe Shikany - Chief Pilot on 20 Jun : 11:33
Happy Father's Day

CEO George Lehning on 10 Jun : 15:33

-Sydney Kingsford Smith (YSSY) airport
-Building Self Shadowing & Ambient Occlusion
-Animated Ramp Workers, Fisherman, Spotters
-New night lighting technique
-Animated apron vehicles and static objects
-3D Terrain including tunnels and bridges
-Compatible with FTX Global, Vector & AU


Jose Cordero on 21 May : 17:45
Taxi2Gate releases KSEA



CEO George Lehning on 18 Dec : 16:58
Great new site. Check it out.


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