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Joe Shikany - Chief Pilot on 25 Nov : 18:01
Would like to wish the Eastern Family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. You have my blessing to over indulge tomorrow.

Jose Cordero on 22 Nov : 11:00
FSDreamTeam has a sale on all products: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/

Timothy Howze on 21 Nov : 19:47
The Newly painter 737-700 is ready for download. This is a TDS Model and Texture.

Joe Shikany - Chief Pilot on 20 Nov : 20:53
Planning another trip to the USAF Museum in Dayton, OH in mid January. Hope weather is nice.

Michael Chester on 17 Nov : 09:57
1 x Zinertek - HD Airport Graphics

Michael Chester on 17 Nov : 09:56
I just got this program from fspilot.com for 18.99 on sale. The airport graphics are awesome. Right down to the taxiway signs to the baggage carts. Well worth the 20 bucks. - HD Airport Graphics

Jose Cordero on 14 Nov : 17:32
If you're interested in a mid-range flight to Paris, a new flight from Athens has been added.

Mal Blease on 14 Nov : 05:40
Amen to that, it is a terrible world we live in.

CEO George Lehning on 13 Nov : 19:30
On behalf of our VA I send our condolences to the people of France. As some of you may know of the attacks that happened to the people of Paris, France by cowards. My prayers are with the people of France. May God Bless and comfort you in this time.

Michael Chester on 04 Nov : 03:42
Hey Guys.. I found this site today. As good if not better than AIRNAV for charts and airport info, check it out..


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