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Jose Cordero on 08 Sep : 21:25
2014 Textures for the: A340-600, ERJ-145, and B7478i are now available for download at our hangar! Thanks Tim Howze.

CEO George Lehning on 01 Sep : 17:30
September Deasktop Calender now available in the download section.

Joe Shikany - Chief Pilot on 29 Aug : 14:29
Could be.

Joe Cespedes on 26 Aug : 18:43
Is it just me or are there a lot of Joes at Eastern

Jose Cordero on 26 Aug : 09:23
Well done, Joe!

Joe Shikany - Chief Pilot on 25 Aug : 20:43
Finished Anniversary Tour. Some stats, flew 74.9 hours at $400 per hour.$29,840, burned 122,419 gallons of fuel at $2.75/gallon, $336,652. Plus expenses. Income was in excess of 7 million, so made money.

Jason Fitch on 24 Aug : 17:42
Running late for HM meeting, will be there when I can.

Jose Cordero on 24 Aug : 15:46
New EAL Flight Attendant Uniforms: http://www.miamifashionweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/image1.jpeg

Jose Cordero on 24 Aug : 15:39
Tour complete. Lots of fun!

Joe Cespedes on 23 Aug : 12:25
Really enjoyed the Anniversary tour!

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