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Jose Cordero on 27 Jul : 20:49
EAV 2014 New Paints released: A330-300, B753, and a special anniversary B753 now available in the hangar. Thanks Tim Howze for all the hard work!

Jerry Kara on 18 Jul : 18:45
PMDG 777-200 Service Pack 1 is now available today. Also 777-300 is now available.

Ian Robertson on 17 Jul : 12:27
RIP to all on MH17. I flew Malaysian last fall and they are a fine airline. What a horrible tragedy, on the heels of an unsolved tragedy too. RIP to all onboard and strength to their families.

Jose Cordero on 12 Jul : 11:08
FSDreamTeam released KIAH Airport a few days ago. Airport is well done; highly recommend it to our DFW Hub Pilots!

Richard Smith on 08 Jul : 11:35
Actually seeking individual gsx.cfg for A.C only. Specifically for the Posky A/C in our fleet.

I too looked at painting ground equipment but soon discovered it was beyond my "skill" level

Jose Cordero on 08 Jul : 08:19
GSX requires a lot of parameters to be met in order to customize the trucks. I was able to paint textures but could never get the parameters consistent. I gave up!

Richard Smith on 08 Jul : 05:25
Do we have any GSX users? Looking for gsf.cfg files for our EAV fleet.

Really like GSX, but it's been a challenge setting up a few of our planes.

Richard Smith on 04 Jul : 07:42
Have a Happy, Safe and Wonderful 4th of JULY....

Happy Birthday America !!

Joe Shikany - Chief Pilot on 15 Jun : 11:45
Happy Father's Day

Jose Cordero on 11 Jun : 18:40
EAV 2014 B757 and A318 model and textures now available in the Hangar! Thanks Tim Howze.

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