Welcome and thank you for considering Eastern Airlines Virtual (EAV) as your virtual airline. You will find we that are a diverse community who share the great passion for flight simulation. In order to start your membership with EAV, we ask that you review, accept, and abide by the minimum requirements listed below.

What to Expect

• We have three simple rules: Use our ACARS, Fly Assigned flights, and Submit a PIREP once every two weeks.

• We don’t do check rides

• We don’t require VATSIM or any other online simulation network

• We don’t limit our fleet based on rank

• We will communicate with you on a weekly basis

• We will provide special tours that allow you to visit new destinations

• We will reward you for your participation

• We will provide the opportunity for you to ‘Earn your wings, Everyday!’

Minimum Requirements

• You must own a legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Any version from FS9 through FSX. Note that most fleet aircraft available to you have been tested in Microsoft Flight Simulator X only.

• You must be able to take-off, navigate a course, and land successfully. If you have problems with any of these, you should review the lessons offered in your flight simulator. Note that we offer advanced training, which is available to all members. We can help you with advanced navigation, making your own flight plans, SID/STAR navigation, etc. We can help you with advanced techniques of flying and navigation through our forum or one-on-one training online.
• You must be at least 16 years of age.
• You must have an active email account for correspondence.
• Your respect for other pilots and members in our forum and online communications and forums is mandatory. There will be no bashing of other members, our VA or other VA’s within our forum or elsewhere.
• You must file a Pilot Report (PIREP) of either 2 or 4 legs at least once every two weeks to be considered active once assigned to a hub. New pilots will automatically be assigned to our training hub at Kansas City International (KMCI) where you must submit a PIREP at least once a week to remain active.
• You will be required to download and install Virtual Airlines Financial Systems. (VAFS) This is our pilot reporting system. All flights assigned to you must be flown using this stand-alone program. The program is free to all EAV pilots.


Upon submitting your pilot application, you will receive instructions for an initial training flight. You must fly this flight and submit your hours before your application will be considered.

Upon receiving your hours, Senior Management will review your application. If your application is accepted, we will contact you by email, at which time you will receive your pilot ID and an explanation of how to activate your VAFS Account. Access to the website and information on how to connect to our voice server will be emailed separately. In addition, you will be given your first official assignment.


Each pilot must file a PIREP at least once every two weeks to be considered active once assigned to a hub. You will receive a reminder email if you become inactive. Unresponsive Pilots will be removed from the EAV roster within 48 hours of the reminder email.


Crediting Hours from another VA

If you have decided to join us from another VA, we will credit you with up to 100 verifiable hours. When you submit your application identify the VA you are coming from, the website and your pilot ID.


If you agree to these terms, please complete the form below so that we can contact you to start your training and to get some background information as well.

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