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Miami International Airport

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Miami International Airport

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Best Pilot | January
Best Pilot | January
Pireps (Accepted) 821
Total Passengers 134,978
Avg. Passengers 87
Total Freight 1,921,839 lbs
Avg. Freight 2,587 lbs
Total Block Time 2613h 26m
Avg. Block Time 3h 10m
Total Fuel Burn 21,507,839 lbs
Avg. Fuel Burn 26,197 lbs
Avg. Fuel Burn/Hour 8,230 lbs
Total Distance 963,693 nmi
Avg. Distance 1,175 nmi
Avg. Distance/Hour 369 nmi
Avg. Landing Rate 245 ft/min
Avg. Score 95
Exciting news Eastern injection into FS2020 via FSLTL and AIG

I am using the DELTA 757 in AIG, but I repainted it to Eastern colors. Anytime a real Delta 757 is at an airport the Eastern 757 will get injected.  Thak you DAN for turning me onto FSLTL which then also let me to AIG. YOu need both, but AIG has the 757 model. FSLTL will inject it.


Richard Lavallie @ Sunday 25.Feb.2024 00:17

New Acars and Website updated

Website is updated - Flights can resume


I have updated the ACARS to version   

You should have been prompted to download it it. You may need to turn on "Check Beta Version for Updates" slider turned on. YOu can turn that on by going to the lower left of the ACARS home screen and clicking the GEAR ICON. From there the slider shoudl appear. YOu will need to turn it on, save and quit ACARS. Upon restart you should be prompted to download thge new version.

This fixes a bug in Altitude reporting in MSFS, that was wrong and causing some issues.

I will be performing more updates to the site later tonight, as new versions have been released.  I will do so after the Sunday night FLight is over.


Richard Lavallie @ Tuesday 06.Feb.2024 00:06

Changes to ACARS Points reduction

I have enanbled a few more checks where points now get deducted for Overspeed, Landing lights on/off via 10,000FT rule. Taxi lights on/off at proper time. Hard Landing, etc....These are works in progress with developer, so IT WILL BE BUGGY.  Stall warning buzzer activated and having the plane configured for a stable approach, meaning flaps and gear down before 1500 Ft AGL.



Richard Lavallie @ Monday 22.Jan.2024 21:21